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Severed looks like a moving work of art

Liberation Maiden: Sin Coming To PS Vita With Enhancements

Similar to 5pb’s other PS3 visual novels, Liberation Maiden: Sin is being ported to the PlayStation Vita, this week’s Famitsu magazine reveals. The game will be available on July 31st for 6,800 yen at retail. (Thanks, Zaregoto)

Meanwhile, a download version will be available for 6,000 yen and a limited edition will be available for 8,800 yen.

The Vita version of the game will include new elements and new CG events. Other enhancements are hinted at as well, but haven’t been detailed as yet.

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「Bommina the Maidroid」’s my artwork.
This game is a puzzle game project for mobile in Japan.

But, this project has been canceled.
I feel disappointed.
However, I love this project!

Thank you for watching!
(sorry,this all Japanese.)

>sorry,this all Japanese
Not anymore!

Sukaponta pointed out on twitter that the game IS out (?) somehow…? Is that true? I don’t use Android so I can’t tell if this is the finished thing.

Thank you for English translation!

it is! :0

Magnolia Arch  “Ba’al Buster”
First art work reviled for Bravely Second; The upcoming sequel to Bravely Default

Deception IV:Blood Ties is a game where you play Laegrinna, “a villainous character who is an animated fragment of the devil’s soul”, who is defending her castle from legions of heroes by setting various traps to brutally murder them.


30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day 23 - Game you think had the best graphics or art style. I love Kazuma Kaneko’s work.  It is so distinct, edgy and macabre. Any of the old SMT games are breathtaking to me because all the designs throughout the titles are so unique but the artist’s design is instantly recognizable. I love his artwork and the SMT games so much I even got one of his pieces done as a tattoo. 

I love Disgaea 2. Love it. Buy this game! play it! 


Sisters of Death by Accuracy0